Success Stories

Municipality located in New Jersey spending over $8 million on their prescription drug benefit came to Health Insurance Solutions for assistance in cost saving options. Upon review of their prescription drug program HISI was able to carve out the RX plan and save the group $4 million. This municipality has been with Health Insurance Solutions since January 1 of 2010 and continues to manage their benefit aggressively without employees contributing higher amounts and absolutely no plan changes. Just one of the successes Health Insurance Solutions can attain for you.

NJ Municipality with over 3400 members

Saved over $4 million carving out Rx.

A charter school located in PA, was looking for cost saving relief from their incumbent Insurance carrier. Upon review of the details HISI was able to save this client $250,000 alone in the first year. Real savings. 

PA Charter School with 502 members

Saved $250,000 the 1st year carving out Rx.

A large charter school network located in Center City Philadelphia looking for relief from their current insurance carrier came to HISI. Upon review HISI was able to carve out the prescription drug benefit and save the client $350,000 the first year in real dollars. The group is happy to renew year after year without any plan changes and or cost shifting modifications to the plan.

Philadelphia Charter School with 1100 members

Saved $350,000 annually carving out Rx benefits.

A marketplace retailer came to Health Insurance Solutions Inc. to review their current Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) contract. After a full analysis HISI was able to save approximately $100,000 for their first year, keeping all benefits the same.

Marketplace Retailer with 580 members

Saved $100,000 within the first year, keeping benefits the same.

Large municipality located in Pennsylvania looking for rate relief from a large carrier in their region. Upon review of the prescription drug program Health Insurance Solutions was able to carve out the pharmacy benefit from the medical and attained first year savings of 5.7 million. This account remains with our recommendation on going and continues to reap the benefits of the cost-saving initiatives.

PA Municipality with 2800 members

Looking for rate relief saved $5.7 million the 1st year carving out Rx.

Large New Jersey retiree group came to Health Insurance Solutions looking for savings from their carrier HISI was able to give him a program better on the medical side and the prescription drug side and save $250,000 for the retiree population. The group has 350 retirees. 

NJ municipality retiree group

Saved $250,000 moving their Rx benefits

A large law firm located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania came to us many years ago looking for cost saving options from their incumbent carrier. HISI was able to move and continues to move their benefits in a proactive arrangement without sacrificing benefits or cost to the employees. Just one more success story for HISI.

Blue Bell, PA law firm with 78 members

Continues to save on their medical costs after 13 years